About the Podcast

Imagine you’re walking by the local malt shop when you spot your pals engaged in what seems like an interesting discussion. You have a few minutes, so you decide to join them. As you walk into earshot you hear:

… And that’s why you can’t patent a vibrating razor.

Our hosts have known each other for a long time and enjoy silly and serious, smart and stupid discussions about anything and everything.

Unlike other podcasts in which there is a general theme or at least a conversation thread, Internal Dialogues focuses on sections from a large, universal conversation. This means that each episode focuses on a cohesive topic rather than continuing a thread until time runs out.

Each of our hosts agreed to start this podcast in order to prove the other existed and this wasn’t all just an internal monologue. :)

Call and leave us a question at: (559) WHAT•IF•I? That’s (559) 942-8434.  You can also e-mail us.

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