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“No, What do You Really Think?

When Carlos went on exchange with Trumpet Rob to Australia, Daniel felt usurped and angry. As a result, he holds a vendetta against Trumpie. You can imagine how he felt upon hearing that the previous episode involved only Carlos and Trumpet. I can imagine it, too. I just don’t because I couldn’t look at him in the eye again after that.

Murses, Graduation Crashers, and Bad Pizza

While Daniel was away to see a graduation in Austin, he got accepted into a nursing program. Whoo. Also in Austin: pizza. WHOO!!!!

“Q & A: RU 4 Real?”

Our First Ever Question (kind of)! We spend the majority of the show trying to turn a fake question into a real conversation… This is not advisable… especially when the question is marriage. Not that this has happened to us, but… still: think about it!

“You Think You’re Better Than Me?”

Daniel is angry that Carlos has so much dirt on him, whereas he has almost no dirt on Carlos. Is it that one of us is just a better person? Or is the truth far, far more disturbing?
The answer is surprisingly terrible!

The Unwritten Rules of Bro Dibs

Carlos, curious after a joke of his unexpectedly lands, considers the notion of ‘dibs.’ Daniel, also holding this intuition, helps dissect what every guy knows instinctively: that John Nash was an idiot. Economics could be solved with the basic tenant: “finders keepers, losers weepers.”