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On Final Band-aids and First Responders

Daniel dedicates his life to helping people. He has amassed a net-total of one saved life. Carlos muses that the world needs more people like Daniel… only slightly more competent.

Her Deepest, Darkest Secrets Bored Me

What lies deep in the hearts of men? Sometimes, it’s silly memories that lead to lifelong preoccupations. Sometimes it’s burritos.

Little ignorance: bad. Lotta ignorance: hilarious

Instead of a description, an apology: we apologize to any groups that may be offended by this episode. The only group we dislike is the left-handed. We love gay and transgendered people.. often sexually.

Legend of the Druken Danjitsu Master

Danjitsu master Daniel cements himself to his kitchen in the hope of making form-fitting armor. Sometimes smart people do stupid things. Stupid people do stupid things too. Guess which one is more common?

It’s bad manners to make lists

Daniel, frustrated with the world, longs for a list that would tell him what women want. Carlos points out that they want men who don’t think the answer to women can be found in a list.