The Unwritten Rules of Bro Dibs

Carlos, curious after a joke of his unexpectedly lands, considers the notion of ‘dibs.’ Daniel, also holding this intuition, helps dissect what every guy knows instinctively: that John Nash was an idiot. Economics could be solved with the basic tenant: “finders keepers, losers weepers.”

Rules for Shotgun

In reference to the last episode and taken from this website and this other one:

  1. Shotgun must be said audibly to all present or the person’s hand must be on the door handle
  2. Window is a separate option that must also be called independently. All other rules for Window are the same as those for Shotgun.
  3. The car must be visible, you must be outside or in the parking structure, and the ride must be imminent. Early calls are strictly prohibited. (Often this rule is split up into several other rules.)
  4. Shotgun may not be called for anybody else.
  5. Shotgun only applies among equals who are of more or less the same age, gender, and status. Also, the seat must be vacant when called. In cases where Shotgun is not available (for instance if the person with directions, an elder, or a disabled person needs the seat), anyone who called Shotgun automatically loses their bid.
  6. In case of a tie, Rock, Paper, Scissors or Mad Dash to the Car rules may be instituted in lieu of the driver’s tie-breaking decision. This is the driver’s choice and one must familiarize oneself with the local rules before playing Shotgun.
  7. The order for automatic Shotgun is as follows: owner of the car, disabled person, elderly person, person who knows the directions, spouse/partner of the driver, all other claimants.

Shotgun is awarded to the quickest thinker for a reason: he must serve as navigator, radio controller, and cop watcher. Theoretically, being the first to call Shotgun better allows for this. Failure to abide by these rules or duties may result in the person with Shotgun being forced to ride Bitch.

On Final Band-aids and First Responders

Daniel dedicates his life to helping people. He has amassed a net-total of one saved life. Carlos muses that the world needs more people like Daniel… only slightly more competent.

Her Deepest, Darkest Secrets Bored Me

What lies deep in the hearts of men? Sometimes, it’s silly memories that lead to lifelong preoccupations. Sometimes it’s burritos.

Little ignorance: bad. Lotta ignorance: hilarious

Instead of a description, an apology: we apologize to any groups that may be offended by this episode. The only group we dislike is the left-handed. We love gay and transgendered people.. often sexually.