Welcome to the Podcast

Internal Dialogues is a weekly podcast. We’ve spent nearly three years developing this podcast (slowly) and the end result will follow.

Here’s the concept:

It’s the kind of conversation you’d have after a few drinks with the kind of approach you’d have after decades of having these sorts of conversations while sober. Each podcast is also exactly the length of one idea (5-25 minutes), rather than any set amount of time.

Here’s the execution:

Each episode begins with a theme song that we’ve spent far too long developing. The hosts wrote the lyrics, their friend Mike did the vocals. The aim is for it to sound like a drinking song, but that will come in a future version, likely. It is followed by a quick intro (recorded by our friend Anson’s girlfriend Caitrin) which cues us into the fact that this is part of a longer discussion. We then start off with a non-sequitur segue from a much more interesting conversation that you’ll never hear and move on to the body of the podcast in which we discuss an idea or event. Finally we close with info on how to contact us.

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