What would you do if you’d won the lottery ten years ago? Five? Now?

(Given our lack of updates over the past four years, we’ve decided to start updating this with some hypotheticals and conversations. At least until we get the podcast started again.)

Mr. D: Ten years ago, I would have quit school, moved to Albuquerque to be with my girlfriend, bought a house and generally ruined my life.

Dr. C: Agreed. And I would probably have… rented an office space, hired a few freelance writers, and started my own humor magazine.

Mr. D: And you would have been successful, too! The only thing that stopped you was having to do all of the business side. What about five years ago?

Dr. C: If I’d won like $10 million five years ago, I would have probably taken a leave of absence from my Ph.D., moved to California, and tried to be a screenwriter for a few years. I had that draft I was ready to send out and never actually pulled the trigger on.

Mr. D: Yeah, I think that might have worked out, too. I think I would have… bought a house and things for my wife. And… oh shit! I would have lost half of that when we split up!

Dr. C: Ha ha ha ha ha. Why is it that every time you get money, it ruins your life, but every time I get money, I’m awesome?

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