About the Podcast

Imagine you’re walking by local malt shop when you spot two pals engaged in what seems like these interesting discussion. You have few minutes, you decide to listen in. As you walk into earshot you hear:

… And that why you can’t patent vibrating razor…

You might wonder, “what were they talking about?? Or wait, was that intended for me? Did they know I was coming within earshot and jump to a much more interesting comment? Was that just a nonsequitur segue?”

Honestly, the answer is a bit of both. Our hosts have other for long time and enjoy silly and serious, smart, and stupid discussions, about anything and everything. This podcast is an attempt to give the audience the feeling of random passersby who overhear a much more interesting conversation than they have any reason to expect would go on.

Unlike other podcasts, Internal Dialogues focuses on sections from a larger, broader conversation. This means that each episode focuses on cohesive topic rather than continuing unrelated threads until time runs out.

We started this podcast in order to prove these conversations weren’t just internal monologues. 🙂

Call and leave us question at: (559) WHAT•IF•I? That (559) 942-8434. You can also e-mail us.

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